Labours Housing Works Policy

More Homes & More Jobs

Labor’s Housing Works Policy will fast track the building of 490 more affordable homes.

Housing Works will support community housing providers to offer these homes at cheaper rent to provide urgent relief for Tasmania’s homelessness crisis.

The intensive construction program will create 550 more jobs for Tasmanians, including 75 apprenticeships.

Too Many Tasmanians Are Missing Out

Labor knows that too many people are doing it tough with more than 3,400 people currently on the public housing waiting list.

1,600 Tasmanians are homeless on any given night and many other families are couch surfing, relying on their friends and families or living in sheds, cars or tents.

Renting privately is more unaffordable in Tasmania that anywhere else in the country.


We can do better and only Labor has a better, fairer plan for Tasmania.

Labor’s Housing Works will enable Community Housing Providers to build 490 houses over three years.

These homes will be provided to up to 1100 eligible Tasmanians at below market rent supported by a ten year subsidy from the State Government.


Housing Works is about jobs, it’s about affordable homes and it’s all part of Labor’s plan for a better and fairer Tasmania.

Housing Works will slash the public housing wait list by 15 per cent, including for people with disabilities and elderly Tasmanians who have been waiting too long for a home.

We will establish this program in the first 100 days of coming to Government.

Housing Works is part of Labor’s better, fairer plan for all Tasmanians.

How much will the policy cost?

A Rebecca White Labor Government will contribute $19.6 million to construct 490 homes over three years The cost of the 10 year rent reductions for tenants is $78.4 million.

This policy will inject more than $300 million of economic benefit into the economy and create high quality jobs for more than 550 Tasmanians.

75 Tasmanians will undertake training for apprenticeships, which will be provided through Labor’s free TAFE policy, giving people the skills they need to get a foot in the door to a good job.