Jen Butler, State MP for Lyons, gets flu shot at local pharmacy


Jen received her flu vaccination at New Norfolk Pharmacy, highlighting just how easy it is to access this very important health service through community pharmacies.

Pharmacy owner Belinda Bird said having Ms Butler as a flu vaccination customer sent an important message to the community, particularly given the recent survey results of about only half of Australians planning to have a flu shot this year

“It is so much easier and more convenient than having to go to the doctor, getting a prescription, taking it to the pharmacy to be dispensed, and then returning to the doctor to get the injection.

Now people are able to come into our pharmacy and in a very short time get their vaccination and be protected against this disease".

Last year we saw about 250,000 people being infected with the flu. Around 18,000 Australians are hospitalised due to the flu each year with 3,000 dying. Everyone needs the protection of a flu shot.

Ms Bird said in the time that community pharmacists had been administering the vaccine there had been a high percentage of people being vaccinated for the first time. “In the past they have not been able to take the time of having a vaccination done through a GP,” she said.


Ms Bird stressed that pharmacists giving the shot had to undergo special training.

“This ensures we have the knowledge and skills to both deliver the vaccine safely and effectively, as well as being able to identify and treat any possible side effects.”

For more information contact: Belinda Bird on 6261 2246