Hodgman and Shelton failing to keep community safe

Jen Butler MP

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management           
26 September 2019

Hodgman and Shelton failing to keep community safe

Recent crime statistics show alarming trend
• Launceston is Tasmania’s crime capital
• Liberals not listening to calls from community for more police

The Minority Liberal Government has once again failed to do its most important job – to keep Tasmanians safe.
Tasmania Police’s recent Corporate Performance Report and the Crime Statistics Supplement 2018-19 paint a dangerous picture.

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management Jen Butler said the Liberals bluff on crime agenda had again been exposed.

“In Question Time today, Mark Shelton said with a straight face that there has never been a safer time to live in Tasmania,” Ms Butler said.
“At the same time, three dangerous criminals have been on the loose in the past three weeks, and crime rates continue to get worse.
“Tasmania’s police force is the best in the country but without investment from the Government, there’s simply too much to do.
“According to the Government’s own reports, rates of robbery have increased 23 per cent in the last year. Knives were used in almost half these violent attacks, while guns were used in a third of armed robberies.
“Recently released figures show that in 2018-19 there was 65% more crime in Launceston than in Hobart, twice as much crime in Launceston as in Devonport, and two and half times more crime in Launceston than in Burnie.
“The figures for the first month of this financial year show nothing has changed, and Launceston continues as Tasmania’s crime capital.
“Despite promises from Mark Shelton, we know the majority of new police will not hit the streets of Launceston until 2022.
“Tasmanians are telling me that they’re not feeling safe in their communities. Tasmanians deserve better.”

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