About Jen Butler

Labor Member for Lyons

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
Shadow Minister for Building and Construction
Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs
Shadow Minister for Community Development
Shadow Minister for Arts and Creative Industries


Jen Butler was elected as a Labor Member for Lyons in March 2018.


Jen’s family are from St Helens on Tasmania’s East Coast.

Jen has a Master Degree in Business specialising in Human Resources Management and International Business Relations. Jen worked in Human Resources for Blundstone Australia prior to becoming an Advisor to the former Speaker of the House Michael Polley MP and The Hon. David Llewellyn AM.


A community based representative; Jen led a fight to save 20 Online Access Centres across Tasmania and is committed to improving access to education and information to all members of the community.


Jen is the Chair of the Spending Scrutiny Committee, which examines Government waste and over spending. 
She is a patron to various sporting and community groups across Lyons and is a member of the Country Women’s Association.
Jen is also a fierce anti-violence campaigner and community advocate and introduced the White Ribbon Group to Tasmania in 2013.


Jen and her family

Jen is married to David and has three children, Madelaine, Archie and Alexander.
Jen is the daughter of former Labor Member for Lyons Heather Butler AM.