Ferguson hoodwinks Valley again in broken promise on police presence

• Ferguson breaks central election policy on New Norfolk police
• Community concerns and need for 24/7 police ruled out by Hodgman Government
• Broken promise was crucial to Valley voters

Deeply deceptive Police Minister Michael Ferguson has broken a key election promise to the people of the Derwent Valley to provide around-the-clock policing.
Member for Lyons Jen Butler said the Hodgman Liberal Government had reneged on its election promise to staff the new $5 million police station it claims it will build with 27/4 police officers.

In Budget Estimates hearings in Parliament last week, Mr Ferguson confirmed he now believed around-the-clock police would be:
“…..wasteful of police time keeping it open, for example in the midnight hours when nobody wants to visit there… and that it won't be a 24-hour police station because that would be a waste of resources.” 

“This is a shameful broken promise by Michael Ferguson, a promise which the people of New Norfolk and surrounds will now see for what it was – a deceptive ploy to win votes,” Ms Butler said.
“I am just as disappointed and angry as I am sure all members of the community will be as they are concerned about crime rates. They are right to feel deceived.
“I petitioned the people of the Derwent Valley in relation to permanent policing prior to the last election and the response from the community was overwhelming support for permanent policing.
“People are worried about their safety.
“The lag time for officers to attend emergencies from Bridgewater is often leaving the Valley without a police presence.”

Ms Butler said Labor has a policy to re-introduce permanent policing to the Valley.
She said she would launch a new petition and ask New Norfolk once again to demand permanent policing.

The petition can be signed by clicking on "PETITION SIGN HERE" at the top of this page.

At the New Norfolk Newsagency, Banjo’s, Office of Craig Farell MLC, The New Norfolk Football Clubrooms or at the Office of Jen Butler MP at Cove Hill Fair.

More information: Chris Taylor 0408975225